“I'm surrounded by some of Sydney’s most prominent florists, yet I will always return to Libby and the gorgeous, unique and personalised creations she pieces together. They're tasteful, elegant and most importantly, represent you and your special day. 

I'm sure most would agree your wedding day is a time in your life when all of the little details become hugely significant and you're always aiming to 'get it right.' That's why we loved having Libby with us - we shared with her what we usually love and then trusted her implicitly with the rest of the details. Libby was highly intuitive and managed to capture the essence of our wedding and of us in our bouquets, delivering us with something far more beautiful than either of us could have thought up ourselves. Her genuine passion and excitement for us and our day was the icing on the cake for us and just added to our overall happiness and joy.

It's great to be surrounded on your wedding day with creatives who truly love and value what they do - that essence gets so infused into the final creations.”


Elizabeth Emerson