The founder and lifeblood of E Squared Design Co. Elizabeth (to her mother) Libby to everyone else, is an incredibly passionate being with a creative base in visual arts, specialising in sculpture & installation, alongside nearly a decade in education.

She excels at recognising and creating beautiful things, and constantly strives to expand her already impressive and skilful body of work. With a soft spot for her clients, she regularly goes above and beyond, harnessing colour, texture, and scale with a hint of surprise and a dash of her signature wit.

More than a bit extra, and friendly as heck, she can whip up a cocktail as well as she whips up a cake (three tiers and chocolate sails please), all the while listening to nineties hip hop or jazz standards. Libby is the pillar of strength we lean on, a talent we dance with, and a lady who appreciates both Channing Tatum and good butter.

- Jo Ann Cahill




Problem solver. Strategist. Songstress. All round van packing Tetris Queen. Budget Master, painter, illustrator and Renaissance woman - She's got the goods AND the floral gumption to back them.  Jo rides in the creative fast lane... She'll cut you with her razor sharp wit and a twinkle in her eye! Feisty to boot! Easily subdued with caffeine...



Our Rosie's a DOER and an incredible details gal! She strips a mean rose, steams linens like a boss and will have you laughing till your sides hurt! (thorns/wrinkles/bad moods don't stand a chance) She radiates positivity, while whipping out the most delicious boutonnières you'll ever see! Chief hand holder, zen master, comedian and tea maker (wine pourer) extraordinaire.




Resident handy hubby! With an epic background in business and logistics Dave knows how to crack the whip... while also being a styling wizard (our boy knows his tapers from his tea lights) Chief of snack acquisition and balloon king to boot. Solid all rounder, he’s our chipper delivery man and a kick arse sweeper. Often (always) found in cahoots with Lou...



CMO (chief morale officer)/IGLB (incredibly good looking boy) Thoroughly enjoys drinking bucket water and snacking on green beans. Skills include - Napping, sniffing, snacking, snuggles & bloom inspection. Procrastination assistant (solid 5 star rating)