Congrats lovers! So you’ve found yourself in the prime party planner position for probably, one of your most important life events to date? Feeling SUPER excited? Perhaps a little overwhelmed? Not to worry! We’re here to hold your hand… metaphorically speaking.. or physically… We’re down either way! We live for providing design solutions for every facet of your day. Passionately making, curating and pulling together a vision that’s all about you! We offer a range of services and packages to help you prepare the most beautiful of love parties!

Our services include -



For the couple who’ve got it all down but don’t find the stress of on the day coordination particularly appealing! Leave it to our team to set up, liaise with your selected suppliers and manage your run sheet to the T. Leaving you lovers to enjoy the the more important moments of your day…


The visuals and aesthetics that drive the vision of your day. From initial planning and bespoke design concepts, luxe stationery, tablescapes, floral instals, furniture and prop selections all the way through to floor plans, site inspections, set up and bump out of your day. We deal in the nitty gritty AND the pretty. All the gorgeous visual details, nailed each and every time…


The whole package! Objective? To rock your socks off! The planning of a wedding isn’t something we take lightly. It’s a passion, and listening to your creative voice as you and your partner take the dive into forever is what we do. With so many elements to consider we adore taking the stress out of planning and in place ensuring your wedding day is uniquely designed, sourced, styled, flowered, coordinated and executed effortlessly, thoughtfully and most importantly with a sense of fun!


To ensure your planning is as stress free as possible OR if you’ve simply got the rest of your wedding planning sorted, we’ve done the work for you and offer beautifully tailored packages to meet all of your wedding fleur needs! We offer a curated selection of pieces for you to customise to your desired colour palette. Utilising only the markets best, you let us know your style and desired colours and we’ll work our magic to create all of your floral needs!



Bespoke Styling & Florals or Full Service Coordination, Planning, Styling & Florals

I want to get to know you! What floats your boat, what are your design priorities and how we’re going to achieve them, is all part and parcel of my design process. I adore working alongside our couples designing a complete, comprehensive concept and colour palette- start to finish, overflowing with personalised details, florals & luxurious touches that are unique to you! This is….I always stress, for the most part, a collaborative process that makes the journey from start to finish an absolute joy and pleasure!

After an initial phone consultation, an incredibly animated and excitable chat, using all of the glorious details you’ve sent me through in the form below, I’ll pop through a preliminary breakdown of investment and if we’re both feeling the fit is right, we’ll head into the exciting territory of deep and involved design for your incredible day, many cups of tea (let’s be honest… a sneaky wine or two!)

So what sort of investment should we expect? No two couples are the same… so why would their weddings be? A huge number of factors come into play when coordinating and planning an event, not to mention the incredible amount of comprehensive planning, prepping and power hours put into place long before we even get to the physical event!

What we can do is give you an idea of what to expect from our past clients’ events

BESPOKE Bridal party only florals - From $1600.00

BESPOKE Small to mediuM Wedding FLORALS - From $6K -8K

BESPOKE Medium to large Wedding FLORALS - From $9 - 12K

BESPOKE Larger and beyond From $13K

This of course is simply a starting point we tailor each and every event to you and your specific desires, must haves and needs.


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